Protecting Your Health

Regardless of how much longer their use will be needed, it has become a staple of life that we need to protect ourselves as best we can when going out in public. The call for masks to be worn when interacting with the outside world keeps a highly contagious virus from spreading, and is another way that we can safeguard and protect our health. One might consider the mask to be just another part of a healthy regimen, like a fitness tracker or athletic wear.

To that end, these essentials of an active lifestyle don’t all look alike, allowing for self-expression of style, messaging, and comfort. A protective mask can act in much the same way, promoting your personal style and meeting all the requirements to keep yourself healthy and safe, which is why Mama Bird and Co has begun hand crafting masks.

And, just like all Mama Bird products, these are locally made, and built with love, not just for the product or the customer, but for the hands that create the protective health gear, and for the world around them. An all-woman team creates these unique masks, and not only supplements their household incomes, jeopardized by the pandemic, but generously gives 2 masks to essential workers for every mask sold. It is a win for everyone, whether your goal is to give back, to show off your unique style in a trying time, or to do good for the greater community. Any way you look at it, these masks do more than protect one person.

Order your Mama Bird mask, built and shipped for $12, now at MamaBirdandCo.com


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