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There is something about a kind word from a cherished friend who knows you well. They understand that your creativity needs to thrive, that comfort is something one can never pay enough attention to, and that putting love into something will always make it better. These are the hallmarks of Mama Bird & Co., an Austin-based company dedicated to encouraging and uplifting other women through creative expressions. Whether it is by designing and selling the most inspirational (and comfortable) tee in a time of sorest need, or helping others discover their inspirational voice and express their own creativity, Mama Bird & Co. is dedicated to making sure that no woman is without a reminder that she was meant to fly.

All Mama Bird & Co. high-quality, soft, and comfy products are screen printed and packed by hand. Founder, Tori Tinnon, crafts each thoughtful piece as she juggles the rearing of three rambunctious children (ages 5, 13, and 17) and a devoted marriage, as well as a business that has grown from word-of-mouth small sales into a thriving business that can be found on Shopify, Etsy, and here at Mama Bird & Co.’s home site. Her passion for empowering women and helping their lives be any bit better – whether by an inspiring phrase on a shirt, a genuine expression of care, or by sharing lessons she’s learned on her journey to building Mama Bird & Co. – colors everything she does.

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